We can supply original Sherman Treaters consumables to help both in maintenance and running of the corona treatment station. We also supply a range of dyne pens and inks for from a UK Supplier, for both factory operatives as well as QC departments.

Silicone sleeve

Standard sizes for 100mm, 150mm and 200mm roll diameter available. Other diameters are available on request. These silicone sleeves are the same specifications as the original Sherman Treaters, with dielectric constant, dielectric strength and thickness all exactly the same, ensuring that you have your corona treatment station well matched to your Sherman Treaters power supply. We can supply them in 10m rolls or pre-cut to your desired length.

Dyne pens and inks

We can supply the same dyne pens and inks as Sherman Treaters previously had, under a different brand name, but with the same ink and characteristics and accuracy as previously. We can supply 38, 40 and 42 dynes in orange disposable pens, boxes of 10 pens. For dyne levels between 26-58 dynes (green ink) and 59-71 dynes (blue ink) we have ECO Pen, non-toxic, non-irritant and available in both pens and bottle ink kits.

HT Transformer grease

Available in 3L tubs, grease used inside HT3 and HT8 transformers.

Ceramic electrode cleaner

This cleaner is used when carrying out maintenance on ceramic electrodes. This unique formula allows maintenance engineers to remove oxidation and restore the ceramic electrode’s colour and clean to near original state.

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